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4 Most stunning places to visit in Croatia.

4 Most stunning places to visit in Croatia.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Its natural beauty is breathtakingly mysterious and full of wonders. Summer is the best season to travel to any country in Europe but for Croatia, any season is the best season to pack your backpack and get going. Although going and moving around on impulse and aimlessly while on a holiday has its own charm and a sweet kick to it. But if and when you are leaving for this fabulous country, there are four places to must visit and try your best not to miss on them at any cost.

Sea Organ in Zadar:

sea organ croatia zadar

Not very often do we come across musical instruments that are built on and for the nature. Sea organ is a miraculous piece of art which is built into the sea in shape of music pipes and makes actual music when waves crash off them. You can not imagine the mystical sound thus is produced. One has to be there to actually feel the magic. The best time to visit Sea organ is in the evening because mornings are less romantic and the real charisma is spread wide after the sun sets.

Dubrovnik walls:

walls of dubrovnik croatia

The walls of Dubrovnik are a big attraction or the biggest one to say in Dubrovnik. They are constructed over an area of 12 miles and the view from top of these walls in simply stunning. Dubrovnik is largely known as the Pearl of the Adriatic for a reason and once you are on the walls, you realise the accuracy of the name given to these beautiful giants. Apart from the fact that these walls envelop the whole city, you also get to see many towers and forts which are otherwise hidden from our view.

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Plitvice lakes National park:

plitvice lakes croatia

Plitvice lakes park is a registered UNESCO world heritage site and it is saying enough. This is a magnificently preserved park with beautiful lakes, that are too inviting but swimming is disallowed nonetheless, beautiful wooden bridges everywhere to stroll around and buses and boats to take you on a day long trip. Approximately 15,000 people visit this park in peak season. The park is so large that you can not see it all in just one day. 

KRKA National park: 

krka national park croatia

KRKA National park covers an area of approximately 142 square kilometre and is one of the biggest and most noted attractions in Croatia. There are seven waterfalls in the park with Scradinski Buk the most aesthetic. People are allowed to swim and get into water at the base of these waterfalls in the pristine waters of Europe. There is a lot of walking around and wandering in Krka park so it is advisable to carry along or wear comfortable shoes so that you may enjoy every bit of it while you are still there.

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