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A Bicyclist, A Dreamer, An Adventurer, An Achiever. Meet Kamran On Bike

A Bicyclist, A Dreamer, An Adventurer, An Achiever. Meet Kamran On Bike

As Edward Abbey said “A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.”

Same is the case with Kamran Ali. A PhD in computer sciences from Germany is undoubtedly the biggest and bravest adventurer of Pakistan who had dreamed of seeing more, feeling more, enjoying more and meeting more people when he was sitting on a plane on his way to Germany to get higher education.


“I was sitting on window side seat on a PIA flight from Islamabad to Frankfurt, when thousand feet above in the air, i stared out from the window and didn’t blink an eye. I was struck by the vastness and the magnificent beauty of nature’s landscape that stretched beneath the plane. Rivers appeared as curved lines, towns as brown patches of rug scattered on the green fields, mountains as wrinkles on the old rough colored paper. Mesmerized by what i saw, i wondered at, how it would be to feel those places? what the local people be like? what language they might be speaking? what would be their culture? the streets and climate? the food and the music, and everything? Sadly, i couldn’t get answer to any of those questions from the plane window. A strong wish arose from the deep in my heart and i closed closed eyes”

That was that day but after completing his studies, and working for 10 years as computer program, it was time for Kamran to bring that 14 years old wish he had, while sitting on that plane’s window seat.

StartKamran Ali was born and raised in a small town of Layyah. He did his masters from Multan and then moved to Germany in 2002. He belongs to a middle class family. His father owned a tyre repair shop and he worked very hard all his life to pay for Kamran and his 6 other siblings. Kamran says “my father had a dream of enabling me to go beyond my humble beginnings and reach far beyond what most people not even think to do”

Bicycling was Kamran’s biggest passion from an early age. He used to bicycle a lot in his teens even doing several tours around Pakistan. He was only 13 years old when he did his first tour with 2 of his friends on a little bicycle and traveled 52 kilometers around a nearby town within a day. This tour had a thrilling effect on him. In the next few years he decided to travel alone in several cities of Pakistan. Often in an extreme hot weather of Pakistan which usually goes up to 45 degrees. And at that age, you won’t have the money to buy expensive gear, so he would borrow most of his gear including bicycle sometimes. That was the passion for bicycling for this man and no wonder he is making the whole country proud with the passion he has. And his father must be a proud man that his son is doing what he has dreamed for him. He is doing something which not many can dare to. Not at least in Pakistan.


His biggest achievement from those days was that he cycled for 400 kilometers from Multan to Lahore back in 2002 after quitting his teaching job, he went on for an adventure, something he obviously loved more. Few months after achieving his Pakistan’s best milestone of pedaling 400km, he left for Germany for higher studies and on the way he had that wish of cycling the world.

After that plane journey everything changed for Kamran, because of that wish he had, he worked very hard for 10 years. And did what he did back in 2002. He left his highly paid computer programmer job in Germany and decided to make his dreams come true. His dream of cycling through small cities, towns, meeting different people, knowing them, seeing other cultures, and making new friends.


Kamran travelled 10 thousands kilometers in 2015, on his first attempt of achieving his dreams, by travelling from Germany to Pakistan. And boy, he did it in style. And to even go bigger, Kamran has already begun a 25 thousand kilometers adventure from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, to Alaska.

This super huge adventure started in January this year, and after nine months of pedaling, Kamran is passing through Peru. Kamran Ali runs a blog www.kamranonbike where he writes about all the stories of people, all the cultures, and he takes amazing photos of every single place he visits. It’s such brilliant work by Kamran Ali, the way he is managing his blog, and keeping all his followers updated with the stunning locations and interesting stores, while he is travelling around.


He also keeps his Facebook and Twitter accounts updated as well. He also has Instagram account as well, where he posts amazing scenic and mesmerizing photos he takes with his Sony Alpha 7s and Sony Alpha 6000 cameras. You can check the details of the gear Kamran used while travelling. It’s a lot of cool stuff. You can also track Kamran’s travel on his website.

Journey never ends for travel bugs like Kamran. He is on his way to Alaska for now, who knows which corners of the World he will explore in the future. Kamran Ali is an adventurer, a dreamer, and the best of all he is the pride of Pakistan. His stories need to be heard, his pictures need to be seen.

We wish him very best of luck with everything coming up for him.

Kamran on Bike Start 9 Bild Kamran Ali

Kamran Ali is not only an adventure but also a brilliant photographer. We piled up some of the images from Kamran’s facebook page after his permission. There is such huge collection of mind blowing photos Kamran took. Here are a few of them.













About The Author


I am a 33 years old living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I have a degree in hotel management but that couldn’t make me work in a hotel as that did not work out well for me. I work as a shift supervisor in a Starbucks café but I am also an entrepreneur, which for me is a lot more exciting than working in a coffee shop. This blog is also a part of my excitement. Part of my entrepreneurship. I love reading books, mostly on politics. I used to write poetry but have stopped it since last couple of years. I love photography and I do know quite a bit about it but haven’t been practicing that either but I am sure I will start it some day. Writing is one of the most difficult things I find to do but once I start, I won’t stop. I start loving it more and more with every word I write. Making this blog and writing is a small effort I believe I can do to make things right, things which have been going very wrong in other famous blogs out there in Pakistan. I am writing to do something against obscenity and vulgarity going on different blogs. I aim to write constructive and something people can learn from. Be it a piece of news or an article. It has to be worth reading and something people can learn from. That’s the aim.

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