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Apple introduces an amazing app for better, seamless videos.

Apple introduces an amazing app for better, seamless videos.

Today has been an announcement day for Apple for after announcing red iPhone, Apple has declared a new and interesting app called ‘Clips’ compatible with both iPads and iPhones.

The app is used for making more expressive videos where users can merge images, music and videos in one uninterrupted  video. These videos, then, can be shared widely via iMessages and on other social networks so to say.

apple ios 10.3 Clips video app

Clips users will be able to add titles and effects in their videos such as speech bubbles, filters, posters etc. It gives the users the freedom to either record video directly on the app or add images, music and videos from the photo and video albums in their devices.

Apple’s vice president of Apps Product Marketing Susan Prescott says, “Clips gives iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through video, and it’s incredibly easy to use. The effects, filters and amazing new Live Titles we’ve designed for Clips let anyone make great-looking, easily sharable videos with just a few taps.”

This amazingly creative and easy-to-use app is not out in the market yet but it is rumoured that in April Clips is scheduled to be launched. Devices running on iOS 10.3 shall be compatible with its usage.

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