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Beshoff Bros is the best place to devour best fish ‘n’ chips in Dublin.

Beshoff Bros is the best place to devour best fish ‘n’ chips in Dublin.

This is hardly a question ever to be asked if one likes fish and chips. Fish and chips is a widely loved dish and no wonder is the most popular one in the continent of Europe. Ireland is home to one many restaurants serving up to the mark fish and chips. Beshoff Bros is one of the places in Dublin, Ireland where excellent fish and chips, both fried and grilled, is available.

The restaurant is a small cosy place in Dame street with bright interior and cheerful staff. The menu is not hugely expansive but caters to almost every seafood lover’s taste. The fish is fried in a fluffy light batter with chipper chips and mushy peas and tartar sauce. Option of extra sauces and condiments is available.

The starters are somewhat expensive but delicious. Portion size of both appetizers and entree is lovely and it’s not possible for a usual person to consume both starter and main course with ease. the prices are neither slim nor fat. They are exactly worth the value of money. Dame street is filled with competitive restaurants and Beshoff Bros is one of them competing along them and with great value for money.

The place can get a little crowded at high time but overall it’s a brilliant experience for both locals and tourists. People who visit Dublin come to this place for fish and chips in particular. One can always play a safe bet with Beshoff Bros.

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