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Ghost in the shell has met the expectations of Anime fans. Almost.

Ghost in the shell has met the expectations of Anime fans. Almost.

Animes are the most popular form of entertainment for the past many decades. 1995 hit anime film ‘Ghost in the shell’ has recently been made into a Hollywood action film starring Scarlett Johanssan. The anime were based on a Manga series where a human brain is installed into a synthetic body creating the perfect cyborg.

The anime film’s effects were very clear in The Matrix film series but only to a limited extent. The recent Hollywood venture has taken the anime to a whole new level with a few butterfly effects here and there but keeping the soul of the anime intact and alive overall. Motoko is the girl whose brain has been given to the Hanka facility for experimenting the 99th time.

The CGI is excellent and background score is as captivating as it could be in an action packed film. The phenomenon of merging a human brain in a mechanical body has been dealt with profoundly and realistically. But to everyone’s surprise, even in the film, there is the same pointless objectification of a cyborg’s female body by bestowing her with large knockers for no apparent reason.

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Critics and Japanese audience have had some concerns regarding the casting of an American actor in a Japanese role. They think that it is typical of Hollywood to white wash the cast of an entirely different nation but then again, if the actor has produced the desired result, how long one would bother with the actor being non-Japanese.

The depiction of a fake world is completely inspired by the Manga and Anime series of the same name. Hong Kong is the country where there are huge and bling holographic ads everywhere. People are led to believe that they live in an ultra advanced world where everything is either mechanical or digital. But in the nooks and crannies of these pseudo modernised streets, people are still living a life not worth living.

The story has been compact and no doubt many a details had been missed in the film because the original can never be beaten and Hollywood wants to make money out of every good bit happening anywhere in the world. So there had to be a film on Ghost in the Shell. The rest of the cast was as good and performed their respective roles brilliantly.

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The main idea of the movie or to be more specific, the actual message was conveyed in an effective manner that whatever we might become or whatever we might have been in the past, what we do in the present is what defines us. It’s a good piece of advice coming from a cyborg who knows value of human life perfectly because it had lost its own in the past.


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