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How to detoxify your liver from toxins, bacteria and fungi.

How to detoxify your liver from toxins, bacteria and fungi.

Liver is one of the vital organs in human body and its main function is to clean the blood that circulates in our body. Liver has to filter loads of toxins, fungi, bacteria, fatty elements found in our food, processed food elements, artificial sweeteners and whatnot. Over the years we consume every kind of food and let our liver bear the burden of our inconsideration.

The organs can’t rest so it is better to cleanse them every now and then. The way liver filters blood for our system the same way we can return the favour by detoxifying our beloved organ with these super seven food ingredients.


Garlic has sulphur in it which helps in destroying the toxins present in the liver. Garlic has many medicinal properties and it is proven that it helps fight bacteria, fungi and the sort.


Another natural ingredient that has manifold features which are a blessing for human health. Turmeric is highly anti-septic and thus has many benefits. Regarding liver, turmeric helps in increment of bile flow which is used by our liver in eliminating the toxins and other poisonous matters.

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Coriander is one of the most widely used green leaf herb and miraculously its flavour and merits, both, are extraordinary. Coriander helps in reducing toxins, and fungal infections from the liver. It has many other health beneficial properties like reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, cramps and much more.


Beetroot has loads of pectin which helps in removing toxins from the liver. It is a fibre rich vegetable and tastes great in salads and on its own as well. You can use it as a juice too but many people find it difficult to do so. No bother there, eating beetroot is way healthier.

Dandelion leaves:

The bitterness of dandelion leaves is the core of this healthy food ingredient. The bitterness affects the bile flow positively and reduces water retention in our body. It cleanses the liver from toxins and helps digestive system and kidneys to work more efficiently.


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There is nothing that can be said new about nature’s gift of green leaves and vegetables. The greens are rich in chlorophyll which helps in neutralising the toxins present in our liver and flushes them out easily from our body. The greens are best eaten raw or slightly blanched or lightly cooked.

Fibrous foods:

Fibre is one of the most pivotal food ingredient when it comes to digestive system, liver, excretory system and much more. Fibre helps the digestive system to work in harmony with our liver. We should not only take fibre in our diet but also drink lots of water with it. Eating fruits, oats, vegetables and the like helps in detoxifying liver quickly and effectively.


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