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How to download the ‘Pokémon Go Makes Your Life Better’ update.

How to download the ‘Pokémon Go Makes Your Life Better’ update.

Pokémon Go has become the epitome of augmented reality games since its launch in July. The world has been taken by storm by the craze of this game based on the popular cartoon character “Pokémon”. People’s time spent on the mobile phone has increased manifold because they are playing this game.

Pokémon Go has earned an estimated $600 million in first three months of its launch. And since we live in a world where we need to assign value to everything in monetary terms, we are safe to say that Pokémon Go is a big success with that huge amount earned in just three months.

There have been a lot of techniques introduced, many updates released, numerous tutorials uploaded to get more Pokémon as a player in the game. Articles have been written in its praise and worth. Nothing has stopped till now. The craze might have faded, hence called ‘craze’ but the after effects are long lasting and that is obvious since people are still downloading this game and reading every stupid article that has the word Pokémon Go in it.

There have been a couple of killings because of the Pokémon Go game. No, it is not an evil game that kills people but people who are actually crazy and are unable to make rational decision of not playing a game while driving. The company has, again, released an update where the player, if driving at a speed certain speed, will not be allowed to play further and the Pokémon will disappear from the specific area altogether.

Now, we are going to tell you how Pokémon Go will make your life even better.

Download The Pokémon Go Game On Your Smartphone – NEVER!

Yes! You read that correct. Everything that technology has to offer is not a requirement. Your life will stay absolutely safe and in good shape if you stay away from the evil of this god forsaken game that brings nothing to you except the chances of getting a pair of spectacles. Who wants to look at the phone screen for most part of their day? You do? Well your opinion doesn’t matter.

Pokémon Go Game Is Downloaded In Your Smartphone – NEVER PLAY IT!

Err is to human. It is alright, people do make mistakes because people are not angels. But does that mean you need to rewind your mistake every day or every other hour. Smartphone is normally not used by very smart people and that is why mobile phone companies find it quite easy to trick all these pseudo smart humans into buying a new phone every year. Well, your smartphone allows you to uninstall something that is not in use or that takes up a lot of space or some other tech reason. Go and uninstall Pokémon Go and live a better life.

Stab The Pokémon Go Players Right On Spot – WITH WORDS NOT KNIFE

You are bound to find many people playing this not-good-for-anything game at every nook and corner. Go to them and tell them what they are actually and how they should be banned from being called “people” even. Pokémon Go has the word “Go” in it. It is like stating the obvious. Everyone with any type of concern or connection with Pokémon Go needs to go from your life, your surroundings, and your vicinity. Who needs such negativity in life where actual humans with actual brains in their hard skulls are stuck with hideous looking Pokémon faces and for what? For killing time that can be used in some other wasteful way but this kind of wastage? No, this kind of wasting time is a No No.

Last Solution If Pokémon Go Is Not Letting You Live – CARNAGE!

If you are on stage 2 where you have downloaded the ungodly game in your smartphone but don’t have the nerves to not to play it and get rid of it by uninstalling it, then the only solution left is getting rid of your smartphone. Yes, that’s right because if you have such a brain freeze where you cannot throw away a worthless game on your own free will, then you are certainly capable of deciding to get rid of the very vessel that contains this life-obliterating Pokémon Go game. Hence the brain freeze.

How To Destroy Your Pokémon Go Contaminated Smartphone – FOREVER!

  • You may simply remove the sim from the slot. Keep it safe for a non-smartphone in future. Wrap the very smartphone in a plastic bag tightly. Trash it in the dumpster.
  • You may remove the sim for future use. Put the smartphone in its box (assuming you still got it). Wrap the box in a gift paper. Present it to someone you really really hate and want to get back at for some personal reason (Pokémon Go game must not be uninstalled if going for this method otherwise it’s fruitless).
  • You may apply the catharsis technique. Remove the sim for the next phone you will buy (look at point #1). Place the smartphone on a shelf, preferably not wooden. Take a hammer, sledgehammer, baseball bat, cricket bat, large brick, small rock, anything would do as long as it crushes your smartphone into shreds.
  • The simplest way is the Mr. Bean way. The moment you realize that you are weak enough to never let Pokémon Go go intentionally but strong enough to rid yourself of the container of this awful game, you just go out of your house. Look for the nearest wall that joins yours or any other wall for that matter. Throw your smartphone over it to the other side. Neither do you take out the sim nor do you perceive that throwing your handset in neighbourhood is not a clever choice. Someone will recognize it and return it to you (only if you live in decent vicinity).

Hopefully your life is already getting better. And if it is not, then honestly and sadly, there are not many chances that it will in future too. Priorities are something we have lost track of in this digital era. The shift is so over powering that we have become incapable of thinking straight, let alone putting our priorities in line.

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