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How to land a job with tech giants like Google by polishing these seven skills.

How to land a job with tech giants like Google by polishing these seven skills.

Paysa is the most popular job site with direction and guidance for those who seek it. It has compiled a list of skills, if one possesses, that will come hugely handy in getting work at tech giants like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

The candidates who have strong on the following paraphernalia of their respective fields are more likely to end up working at the most sought after organisations in technological sphere.



1. User interface design

2. Graphic design

3. Web design

4. Photoshop

5. Illustrator

6. Information architecture

7. Art direction


engineers microsoft

1. c++/c/c#

2. Java

3. Software development

4. Python

5. Javascript

6. Agile methodologies

7. SQL


product managers apple

1. Project management

2. Leadership

3. Customer service

4. Strategy

5. Cloud computing

6. Product marketing

7. Enterprise software


data scientists microsoft

1. Data analysis

2. SQL

3. Project management

4. Machine learning

5. Data mining

6. Business analysis

7. Python

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