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Fix ‘DQA Keeps Stopping’ error in Samsung Galaxy S8

Fix ‘DQA Keeps Stopping’ error in Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung launched its Galaxy S8 mobile last month and it has been just released and is readily available in the market since Friday 21st April 2017 this week.

Many users from the very first day of using the new S8 mobile, are facing DQA (Date Quality Assistant) keep stopping error.

DQA is used in Samsung Galaxy S8 mobiles to monitor its WiFi connections of the smartphone. Users are facing the problem right after they updated the software first time.

Companies who are selling the new Galaxy S8 like Verizon, T-Mobile including Samsung itself is already on it to fix the issue as quick as possible.

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These big tech giants are working to solve the issue but we bring you few solutions for “DQA keeps stopping” error. Different users who used these tips to solve the DQA errors have received different results. Where some have been able to fix the issue by using these steps, but some have still been found complaining. But there is no harm giving these solutions a try.

So here are few solutions which might help you solve the DQA issue on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

Solution 1: Sometimes the easiest solution is to just reboot your device. It could help in various issues including the DQA keep stopping error.

Solution 2: You might also be able to resolve the issue by disabling your Samsung device.

Solution 3: You can also try to solve it by turning off your WiFi and turning it back on.

Solution 4:  Another solution is by emptying cache partition via recovery mode.
For this you need to take following steps.

1- Turn your Samsung S8 off.
2- Then press and hold power button along with Bixby button and volume Up button all at the same time.
3-“NO COMMAND” notification will show up on your Samsung S8 screen, while holding power button press volume Up accessing recovery mode.
4- You will need to access “Wipe cache partition” option using volume keys and then press “Power” to select the option.
5- Highlight “Yes” and press “Power” button to confirm and restart your Samsung device.

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Solution 5:  In this solution, you can solve the error by going to Settings >> Apps and tapping on overflow menu to show “show system app”. Now locate DQA, after tapping on DQA select”Force Stop”.

The last solution we have costs $1.50. In this solution you need to disable DQA app by using BK package disabler.
Install the app and allow it to swipe to System Tab. Then you need to find DQA and check the box shown next to it. That should fix the problem.


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