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How to save videos in Vookmark from Youtube, Reddit and other sources.

How to save videos in Vookmark from Youtube, Reddit and other sources.

YouTube is a video sharing website, user can easily upload and share his video with others using embedded link or social networking sites like Twitter. You always use Youtube to watch different videos related to entertainment, news and you can also share your videos via WhatsApp and Twitter. Sometimes it happens that you find a video on Twitter with many followers and you really want to watch that video but due to some work or reason, you could not watch that video at the moment. And when you come back the video gets lost and you also feel difficulty to find the link from your browser history.

But if you can bookmark that video from anywhere and can watch it again on your iPhone, it would be magnificent. You can watch and download videos offline on your iPad and iPhone. With Vookmark it is possible. Vookmark is a new smartphone app, it keeps the track of all videos which you watch online. It is basically a video bookmark app. Vookmark is like “read later” on iOS Safari browser but it is only for videos. Vookmark app keeps the track of all videos which you watch online.

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The Vookmark provides extension for Chrome and Safari on your computer and app for Apple TV, iOS and Android. Once you have installed the Vookmark extension, you will find its icon in YouTube videos and other than YouTube videos it also supports Facebook, Vimeo and Twitter. And when you open your iPhone or iPad, your latest saved video will be right there. You can easily Tap on any video to start playback.

How to save videos to Vookmark:


The first thing you need to download is the extension for the browser that you are using then click on the Vookmark extension icon from the top bar. First time it will ask you to create an account. After creating an account you will find various ways to save a video to Vookmark.

Download Vookmark extension from here.

Vookmark for iPhone from here.

Vookmark for Apple TV from here.
Save a Video from YouTube Page: Vookmark icon will appear on Youtube video page on video title. Just click on it to save the video.
Save a Video from Reddit: On Reddit, all video links will have a Vookmark icon next to them. Click on the icon to save the video.

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Using iOS Extension: Vookmark’s app also has share sheet extension and you can easily share any Youtube video using share button. From now on, just tap the Vookmark icon in the Share sheet to save a video.

Watch Videos on iPhone and Apple TV

When you open the Vookmark app on your iPhone you will see the watch list there. Tap on a video to start playback. You can also make a video favorite just by tapping on heart button and you can view all your favorite videos from the Favorite tab. If you want to watch your saved video on Apple TV, just open the app and login with your credentials. Click on a video to start playback.

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