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How to save YouTube videos to the camera roll of your iPhone.

How to save YouTube videos to the camera roll of your iPhone.

YouTube is the best place to watch videos, whether it’s a tutorial or any kind of stuff, movies or series. These videos can be viewed from your devices. It is no longer necessary to use a PC. Now, you can watch them in a more practical way using your Smartphones.

Unlike computers where people previously downloaded and saved YouTube videos through some programs, the problem of using an iPhone or an iPad was that you could not download the videos and save them from YouTube.

I guess you have seen how complicated is to save a YouTube video with an application. However, we have a solution! We introduce you YouTube ++, which lets you download YouTube videos from its YouTube App, and save it in to your camera roll of your iPhone.

YouTube ++ is a better version of YouTube that brings new features, such as the ability to download and save videos. The best thing about YouTube ++ is that you do not need a jailbreak and it works with the YouTube app on your device.

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Here we will show you how to download and save videos on your iPhone and iPad:

Download YouTube ++ on your iPhone or iPad.

1-You must first delete the YouTube application you have on your phone.

2- You will have to download the YouTube ++ iPA and Cydia Impactor files on your PC.

3- Download the previous files and you must connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer via the USB cable and then open Cydia Impactor.

4- Move the already downloaded YouTube ++ iPA and drop it on Cydia Impactor.

5- The Apple ID and password are required, which will produce a signature certificate with Apple. You do not have to give your primary Apple ID so you can make an alternate ID with Apple, but you will need to add and record an Apple ID and password.

6- After entering your Apple ID, Cydia Impactor will start installing YouTube ++ on the iPhone. (The YouTube app icon will appear on your iPhone / iPad home screen.)

7- And just before pressing on the application. In order to open it, you must go to your phone in Settings >> Profile / Device Management.

8- Log in with your Apple ID to open the profile and click on Trust button.

After that, you’ll have YouTube ++ installed on your Apple device.

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How to save YouTube videos to the iPhone / iPad camera roll:

These are the steps you need to take so yo can download and save YouTube videos to your iPhone / iPad using the YouTube ++ app.

1- You’ll need to open your YouTube app once you’ve downloaded the YouTube ++ app. On your phone.
2- Then you will open the video that you want to save in the camera roll of the phone. And a button that says “Save” will appear below the video.
3- Click on save and choose the option “save with ++”, and you will see the video resolution to start the download (as in the image below).


4- Now when the download is completed you can view the downloaded video without internet connection.
5- In order to save a video, click on the “three dot” next to the video, which are “plus” sign and press “save in the camera roll” (as shown in the image below )

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6- When the video is saved, you can watch it at any time on your camera roll. It is not necessary to have an internet connection to watch the video.

Note: Be aware that every 7 days, you’ll need to reinstall YouTube ++, unless you use an Apple Developer ID.

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