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Italy is home to the most romantic restaurant one can not miss to dine at with that special person.

Italy is home to the most romantic restaurant one can not miss to dine at with that special person.

Italy is famous for its outclass architecture and the timelessness of its beauty. There are many a things to visit and admire in major Italian cities but nothing compares to this magnificent restaurant that can supposedly be the most romantic place for two lovers to be together at. Grotta Palazzese Hotel Restaurant is a part of the Grotta Palazzese Hotel and is situated in an Italian town of Polignano a Mare to the South of Italy.

grotta palazzese hotel restaurant italy

The restaurant is built in a limestone cavern giving the visitors a divine view of Adriatic Sea and the cliffs surrounding it. The cavern is illuminated partially by the sun’s reflection from the sapphire water during day-time, making the whole atmosphere more magical. At night the candles serve the purpose of romanticising the whereabouts.

grotta palazzese hotel italy

The cavern is open for dining in from May till October since these months aren’t harsh. The spectators can come all year round to just appreciate the stunning view and admire the surroundings.

grotta palazzese italy



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