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Minecraft: Education Edition is here for classrooms and schools and colleges.

Minecraft: Education Edition is here for classrooms and schools and colleges.

Minecraft is the popular game owned by Microsoft whose latest edition Minecraft: Education Edition has been announced after a long beta phase.

The game is available in 11 different languages and in 50 countries for eligible educational institutions. The teachers will be able to interact with the students in the game using a Classroom mode app built-in in the game.

The game has been developed with students and teachers in mind and subjects like history, art, language, math, engineering, etc are included in the game.

The developers knew what they were dealing with and which type pf market they aim to capture. The latest edition has lessons and programmes for children as young as five years old till teens and even college students can take benefit from the Minecraft: Education Edition.

Microsoft was aware of the fact that Minecraft was being used in classrooms in over 40 countries by the teachers and students and it was without any official involvement of Minecraft. This led Microsoft to developing a proper education edition of the game for educators and pupils.

Before the formal launch of the edition, teachers were given the game as trial to test in their classrooms. According to statistics, the game has been tried and tested by almost 35,000 students and teachers over a period of one month.

Minecraft: Education Edition is equipped with all the existing updates present in the Minecraft game and this edition, too, will be updated from time to time and new apps will be introduced to assist students and teachers better.

After the official launch of the education edition it is not free anymore. You are supposed to pay $5 for each user. Bulk purchasing will cost you less in larger institutions nonetheless.

Microsoft has launched a dedicated website for lesson planning, tutorials, collaboration with others and much more. The website is live and running and can be accessed at this address

Minecraft Mentors is a highly structured programme where a new teacher who has no previous experience of dealing with these apps and programmes will get connected with the more experienced ones. The idea is to make every teacher capable enough to assist its students in the classroom with the Minecraft: Education Edition.

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