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Prunes are quite a healthy fruit and these four benefits tell us why.

Prunes are quite a healthy fruit and these four benefits tell us why.

Prunes are simply dried plums. The sales were increased tremendously back in 2011 when on popular demand prunes were being sold labelled as only ‘dried plums’. Actually it’s more of a biological name for the kind of plums that are grown solely fro the purpose of drying and selling.

prunes dried plums

Prunes are considered and have been sold for many a years as a perfect natural laxative because of its three major components: sorbitol, fibre and diphenyl isatin which is a natural laxative found in plums. Apart from being a rescuer from constipation, the plum or prunes family has many more health benefits about which we will read below.

Source of Vitamin K and beta carotene:-

Vitamin K and beta carotene work together in harmony to fight ageing cells and help reduce bone loss. They also better the overall blood circulation in the body. It is also said that good in-take of beta carotene helps people feel happier.

Protection against illnesses:-

plum family contains high level of phytonutrients that prevent body cells from damaging. They help in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Preventing type 2 diabetes:-

Prunes contain a large amount of soluble fibre which stabilises the blood sugar. This fibre slows down the process of food travel out of the stomach thus making the absorption of sugar in bloodstream relatively slower as a consequence.

Healthier bones:-

Plums and prunes contain phenoic and flavonoid compounds which assist in reducing bone loss. Good amount of prunes in-take can help in preventing osteoporosis.

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