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Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people for a better life.

Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people for a better life.

We can be sure of the people that need to go from our life for their unacceptable behaviour or negative thoughts or may be poisonous attitude. But it is, at times, tough to be certain of the person (s) we want to keep close to us and rely on.

Our company is what makes us distinguishable. No wonder people prefer solitude over bad company. Five type of people should be in your life to keep it positive, smooth and elevating. If we have even one of the mentioned below attributed people in our life, we are winners.

The Trendsetter:

Someone who is not afraid to do new things and knows the risks of doing something innovative. People are mostly comfortable with following what is norm. Very few would dare to go over the boundary and try out a new path, take a dangerous route, walk a rough road. You are always on the edge with these people and know it in your heart that the adventure will lead you somewhere, if not victory then experience of a lifetime at least.

The Narrator:

Someone who will lift your spirit in time of dismal by telling personal experience. A person who will cherish your success with narration of his own. Such a person will not leave you alone no matter what time of life you are in. Sharing personal stories is a way of letting others know that you are with them in all kinds of situation and there are endless possibilities with numerous solutions and strategies.

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The Ear:

Listening is the first sense an unborn child develops in mother’s womb and it’s the most difficult one to practise when we grow up. Someone with a lending ear is a blessing in disguise in your life. You will be able to share ideas, problems, theories, and whatnot with such a person. A good listener is always a keeper because this is an art very few can master. We always know when some one is actually listening to us and if you have one in your life, keep the person close; very close.

The Joyful:

A happy soul will spread the positive aura all around and not only keep it to oneself. Being a happy person is not difficult rather way too easy than it seems. A small joke, a little laugh, a tiny smile, is all on needs to elevate the foul mood. Such people are few if not rare altogether. If you have someone in your life who not only is happy as a person but also knows how to share the happiness, you are already on the roll.

The Inspirer:

Not many people have the guts to inspire someone in a positive way. It is always difficult to look inside and rectify oneself but if you have someone at disposal who is not only cherishing your every move but also wants you to better yourself in very way possible, then you are in for the win. People always want others to change, but keepers are the one who help you change yourself for the better.

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I am a 33 years old living and working in Dublin, Ireland. I have a degree in hotel management but that couldn’t make me work in a hotel as that did not work out well for me. I work as a shift supervisor in a Starbucks café but I am also an entrepreneur, which for me is a lot more exciting than working in a coffee shop. This blog is also a part of my excitement. Part of my entrepreneurship. I love reading books, mostly on politics. I used to write poetry but have stopped it since last couple of years. I love photography and I do know quite a bit about it but haven’t been practicing that either but I am sure I will start it some day. Writing is one of the most difficult things I find to do but once I start, I won’t stop. I start loving it more and more with every word I write. Making this blog and writing is a small effort I believe I can do to make things right, things which have been going very wrong in other famous blogs out there in Pakistan. I am writing to do something against obscenity and vulgarity going on different blogs. I aim to write constructive and something people can learn from. Be it a piece of news or an article. It has to be worth reading and something people can learn from. That’s the aim.

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