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Vikings Puzzle Game? Ice Block Ragnarok Is The Answer.

Vikings Puzzle Game? Ice Block Ragnarok Is The Answer.

Ice Block Ragnarok is an online puzzle game in which Ragnarok is the place where ghosts of freed Vikings gather to win. The player has to drag and drop ice-block puzzle pieces in order to pave a path across water and on completion of a line your Vikings’ ghosts are liberated for fighting.

The best thing about this game is the simplicity. There are no levels of easy, hard and ultra hard to make it a goliath of impossibilities. Children are able to master it even quicker than adults. Adults are bound to get addicted to it faster than adolescents. It is an excellent entertainment for almost all age groups.


The gameplay is superb and engaging. Graphics, on the other hand, can be improved without a doubt. The graphics, ice-block-ragnarok-puzzle-game-onlineat the moment, are eye-catching nonetheless but enhancement will bring out the best for sure. The Viking theme is quite appealing and inspired at the same time. There is no doubt that a lot of brain storming and contextual basis have been involved while designing the said game.


The puzzle lovers have no reason to not to love this game. Despite the simplicity, the game calls for strategy and brain picking for making high level scores. It is downloadable on Android from Google Play store and on Apple too from App store. There is only one suggestion Fibre Nerves would love to offer; digital age has its demands but originality can never be beaten so an Ice Block Ragnarok jigsaw puzzle would be amazing.

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