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What do we know about the alien DNA blood group RH-

What do we know about the alien DNA blood group RH-

Most of the people are born with one of the four main blood groups i-e. A, B, AB and O. The blood type depends on the level of proteins in the blood. Recently a rather new blood type RH- has been discovered by the scientists and it is potentially the indication of an alien DNA. The proteins that are the cause of different blood types are not present in RH- blood type.

Almost 10 to 15 percent of the human population has this very blood type. And to be more specific we have Europeans with the highest percentage of this specific blood type with Asians only 1% and Africans 3%. People with this blood type are prone to having either blue or green eyes, red hair, higher IQ, heat sensitivity and lower body temperature comparatively.

Pregnant women with RH- have to suffer a great deal during the process specially if they are carrying a baby with RH+ blood type. The body mechanism naturally tries to kill the fetus to secure its immune system. Most of the mothers lose their child unless they are given sterilization treatment.

People have long gone reported abductions by the aliens and getting probed and whatnot. As a matter of fact all the people who had reported such incidents carried RH- blood type. What is true and what’s not is not the problem at hand right now, the question is whether we can find out everything about this alien DNA in near future or not.


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